5 Benefits of Biltong by Siam BBQ Company 

  1. Biltong contains fewer kilojoules than other snacks one usually reaches for when you feel like something tasty to nibble on, such as potatoes chips or chocolate.
  2. The reason for that is that biltong is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. 25 grams of lean beef biltong can meet half your daily protein requirement.
  3. It’s high protein content makes it the perfect post-workout snack.
  4. It stores very well, so not only can it wait in your gym bag but it is perfect for hiking especially long trails such as the famous Otto trail. It is light due to being dried, and won’t spoil due to the drying and spicing.
  5. The traditional spices used on biltong do not have strange long names but are all natural ingredients you will be familiar with like salt, pepper, vinegar, coriander and paprika. There are less harmful chemicals in the
    and in the preserving.