Biltong in Thailand

It’s been for years now and everyone that comes from south Africa to Thailand claims that they can make this traditional snack but the trust been told its not that easy.

The climate in Thailand is not suitable for this snack and if you make it wrong you will get very sick from this snack and that’s why Siam Biltong Company better known as Siam BBQ company not just makes the best biltong in Thailand, we make the safest Biltong in Thailand and here is Why


  1. We only use FDA approved beef from a few selected butcheries in Thailand
  2. Our facility where we produce our Biltong is not open to the public and has a gmp standard
  3. Our Biltong cured for 7 -14 days in a temperature-controlled environment.
  4. We do quality control and taste samples before we send out our Biltong.
  5. We ensure that every packet of biltong leaving our facility is made with love and we guarantee the freshness


As we are the trusted, well known supplier and manufacture of Biltong, Droewors and chili bites we are surly the best biltong make in Thailand

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